Get answers to many common questions you may have when hiring a Cleaning Services company.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is your wish. You may give us a key to be safely stored or you may let us into the home.

If we are unable to get into your home on your cleaning day, you may be assessed a lock-out fee. Most of our customers either provide us with a key or hide one in a lock box in the premises on house cleaning day.

If you have a security system, please make necessary arrangements to give the cleaner, access to your home on your scheduled day. Some customers set up a guest or temporary code.

We would like you to inform us if you have pets and provide any information regarding your pets that would be helpful for us to know. Although it’s not a requirement, we would suggest that pets are kept away from the cleaning areas so that we can clean better.

We provide all house cleaning products. If you have special house cleaning products you want us to use, please be sure to let us know

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