Domestic Cleaning

At Top Mop Services we take the efforts of cleaning your house at affordable prices for all types of houses. We have expertise in providing domestic cleaning services for many years. We clean every nook and corner of the house to ensure healthy environment for all family members of all ages. All that you have to do is hire us and we get all the tools required for a happy healthy clean house.


Wipe and dust all surfaces
Clean and polish appliances
Clean bathroom sink + taps
Scrub and clean bath + taps + shower
Scrub and clean tiles
Clean mirrors
Empty bins + Replace bin bag etc.

Hallway / Staircase

Dust furniture (if applicable)
Dust pictures, light switches, etc.
Clean skirting boards
Vacuum / mop the floor
Clean and polish front door

Living Room/ Bedrooms

Wipe and dust all surfaces
Clean inside of wardrobes
Wipe the furniture
Change bedding
Dust decoration ornaments
Clean and wipe skirting boards
Dust bed frame
Clean doors and handles
Dust and clean picture frames
Dust lamp shades
Dust window blinds
Clean inside of windows
Clean light switches
Vacuum / mop the floor
Vacuum under or behind the furniture
Empty and re-bag bins


Wash dishes
Clean mirror
Clean aspirator
Clean and polish shower cabin
Clean hot plates
Clean and polish tiles
Clean inside of oven
Scrub bath
Clean inside of microwave
Clean and disinfect toilet bowl
Inside of fridge (defrost please)
Wash inside of cupboards / drawers
Wash inside of cupboards
Clean bathroom radiator
Sweep / Vacuum floor
Mop floor
Empty and re-bag bins

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